Are you chicken?

We are

Justine ice skating for a christmas party challenge.

Justine Pocock

User research, Design, Frontend development, CSS and never javascript. With the occasional site building.

Currently working on:

At Ricardo: Designs for an air quality websites, rebuilding the NAEI website in Drupal.

At LBHF: Design, frontend and chicken herding.

Justine owns one actual chicken right now and dreams of having many many more.

Ru sat at a bar with mounted moose antlers lined up perfectly behind his head, at a work Christmas party at a previous job.

Rupert Jabelman

Everything from fixing modules, making them and magicking content from one website to another. The bigger the problem the more fun it is to solve.

Currently working on:

At Ricardo: creating Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflows to support all of Ricardo's Drupal sites.

At LBHF: Ofsted reporting integration to a new childrens directory.

Rupert doesn't own any chickens, because his whippet would eat them when he's not looking.

Proud to be a LocalGov Drupal supplier

We are actively working with LocalGov Drupal to make local government websites more accessible, affordable and generally eggcellent!

Currently working with London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. We've contributed HTML publications and soon to deliver some very fancy subsite features which LBHF use to Celebrate Hammersmith and Fulham.

We'd love to create something with you

Email your ideas, brief or chicken jokes to or book a 30 minute slot with us on Calendly.

Justine with a chicken on her shoulder, she's pretending not to be super happy about it.
... and you might get to meet a real chicken!