Air Pollution Footprint Partnership

The Air Pollution Footprint Partnership Toolkit is a free reporting tool that enables organisations to estimate their air pollution emissions, explore ways to reduce their emissions and share their experiences with like-minded businesses.

Why do we need an Air Pollution Footprint Toolkit?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified air pollution as one of the greatest environmental risks to human health. Ricardo has applied its 60 years of world-leading air quality expertise to launch the Air Pollution Footprint Partnership, enabling organisations to assess and reduce their air pollution emissions.

The tool has been developed over the past two years by Ricardo’s air quality and Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) teams working with a group of organisations from different sectors to test air pollution emission reporting tools and guidance that provides companies with key information needed to estimate and report on their corporate air pollutant emissions, alongside standard greenhouse gas emissions.

 So what's chicken got to do with it?

We designed it, and it's one we're pretty proud of.

Our journey with this project has been nothing short of exciting. Collaborating with the project team for the last six months, we were instantly inspired by their enthusiasm and dedication to this remarkable tool. We knew we had to give it a home that does it justice.

We were given an initial draft of content, reems of pages long, but perfect for understanding the projects goals, messages they wanted to get across.

Designing with real content - even if it isn't the final draft is a dream, there weren't many changes to be made from the first design draft to the go live, other than the addition of a logo, the rest was content.

A screenshot of theo riginal design, there's an illustration of a machine inputting data and everything is blue A screenshot of the website as it is today, different images and a large logo are the main differences

What we did

We chose to break the content down into bite sized chunks, understanding that most people will skim the page looking for keywords like Tier or Scope.

The site has a lot of tables (which aren't responsive but we've made the assumption most users will be on a desktop - and we had a very small budget)

A screenshot of the website explaining the 3 tier structures

Large calls to action for signing up were fundamental to the design. Users need to leave an email address and organisational information to be able to download the tool. Users are also encouraged to add their company logo and proudly display themselves on the website as a partner.

A screenshot of the website showing the signup calls to action

After making the design it became clear that the internal digital services team were busy, so Justine knocked together a site and Glenn gave it the once over, adding in all the right modules from a devOps point of view et Voila, a new Drupal 10 was site made.

 The results

After just 24hrs the website has dozens of signups from WHO to local climate action groups. The project team said they received nice feedback about how the website looks and Ricardo's Digital Service Operations Manager Scott Hanchett said:

"seems you've really pulled out all the stops so just wanted to thank you for the effort and commitment - very much appreciated.... "

What's Next?

We have exciting plans in the pipeline! Soon, we will be introducing a user-friendly form, allowing users to upload their results and receive acknowledgment for their efforts.

Join us in the journey towards cleaner air and a healthier environment! Together, we can make a difference.

Vist the site and register today

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